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Studies on Hypnosis in Childbirth 


Why learn from Dr Selina Chew?


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Dr. Selina Chew, Ph.D

MBA, LL.B (Hons), M.MSc, B.MSc, C.Ht




Why learn from Dr Selina Chew?

  • Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in hypnosis for childbirth, and former HypnoBirthing teacher

  • Classes are professionally conducted using multimedia technology for multi-sensory learning � PowerPoint slides with LCD projector, videos, audios and practical exercises.

  • Founder of the BirthConfidence � Confident Childbirth Through Self-Hypnosis program.

  • Creator of BirthConfidence Audio CD programs.

  • Featured in the 1-2-3 Parenting Program on TV3 .

  • Featured in various magazines on parenting, childbirth and holistic therapies.

  • A hypno-mum of two children born using hypnosis for childbirth method.

  • More than a decade of experience in training and development and competent in conducting and facilitating workshops.

Bonus! Watch in real-time how your thoughts and emotions affect your stress levels using a special bio-feedback software and learn to use breathing techniques to move to a positive emotional state, which will be useful during labour.



Dr. Selina Chew is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Mind / Life Coach. She holds a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching, an MBA, a law degree as well as a Masters and Bachelors degree in Metaphysics. She is Malaysia�s premier Birth Hypnosis Coach and the founder of the BirthConfidence program..


Since young, she had a deep interest in mind-body therapies and has attended various courses on holistic therapies, spirituality, meditation, energy healing, yoga and qigong. She blends her love for holistic therapies with a decade of corporate experience in training and development. In pursuit of her interest in mind-body therapies, she founded Life Inspirations to provide workshops and services to nurture the mind-body-spirit and helping people to realise their full potential.


Dr. Selina Chew is passionate about empowering expectant couples with the knowledge on how to tap into their mind power and the wisdom of their bodies for a smooth pregnancy and positive birth experience. She has written a paper on �The Holistic and Spiritual Aspects of Childbirth, Pregnancy and Parenthood�. Selina is a hypno-mum of two boys and had two peaceful and fulfilling childbirths using birth hypnosis.




   Certified Hypnotherapist, IACT, USA

   Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, USA

   Certified Cellular Memory Integration Facilitator, Western Australia Kinesiology Centre

   Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, American Hypnosis Association

   Certified Trainer for Pre-marriage Workshop by the Ministry of Women, Family and

    Community Development, Malaysia

    Graduate Certificate in Expressive Therapies, Institute of Expressive Therapies, Australia

    Certificate in Clay Therapy, Sophia College of Holistic Counselling, Australia

    Certificate in Colour & Sound Therapy, Sophia College of Holistic Counselling, Australia

    Certificate in Personal Profile Analysis (DISC) and Human Job Analysis (HJA) by

    Thomas  International Management System



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For enquiries on BirthConfidence, contact:

Dr Selina Chew: 013 - 630 2926  

Email: selina@life-inspirations.com 


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